Pirate Bay Proxy List – 100% Working The Pirate Proxy Sites [TPB Proxy]

Pirate Bay Proxy, a website that you can use to access the original piratebay website. “The Pirate bay”, every torrent user knows what “ThePiratebay” is. It’s like the god of torrent websites and used by millions of people around the globe but unfortunately it got banned in many regions by various ISPs.

That can’t stop you from using the website and the content on it, we’re going to list some of the best The Pirate Bay Proxy sites that you can use to access the website.

The pirate proxy sites we’re going to list are manually tested by us and they are 100% working. We will update this TPB proxy list on regular intervals so that you can access the fastest possible pirate bay mirror website.

NOTE: If you find any of these pirate bay proxies to be not working then send us an email, we will have a look at it.

Pirate Bay Proxy – List of ThePirateBay Proxy Sites

Here you go with the manually checked and tested piratebay proxys. Hope you find it useful.

You can unblock the pirates bay website using any of these mirror or you can say proxy sites, all the content that was originally on the pirate bay website can be found here.

opentpb.comFranceLiveVery fastYes
pirateproxy.camUKLiveVery fastYes
uktpbmirror.pwUKLiveVery fastYes
thehiddenbay.infoLU (Europe)LiveVery fastYes
tpb.zoneUSLiveVery fastYes
piratebayblocked.comUSLiveVery fastYes
uktpbproxy.infoUKLiveVery fastYes
thepiratebay.rocksUSLiveVery fastYes
unblocktpb.proDELiveVery fastYes
tpbmirror.gaUKLiveVery fastYes
thepirateproxy.gqNLLiveVery fastYes
thepiratebay.workUSLiveVery fastYes
thepbay.gaUSLiveVery fastYes
pirateproxy.ytAULiveVery fastYes
thepirate.seUKLiveVery fastNo
piratebay.redUSLiveVery fastYes
fastpiratebay.co.ukUKLiveVery fastYes
piratebay.clickUKLiveVery fastYes
proxyship.cfUSLiveVery fastYes
bay.maik.rocksUKLiveVery fastYes
tpb.proxyduck.infoFRLiveVery fastYes

NOTE: We may not provide link to the pirate bay proxy sites due to some reasons, you can simply copy the exact URL we have mentioned in the table.

The Pirate Proxy List and Mirror Sites

This list of TPB proxy sites is updated regularly and multiple times in a day to keep you updated with the latest, fastest and working piratebay proxy and mirror sites.

You can use these proxies to access the content which was originally hosted on Thepiratebay.org, the speed of the sites mentioned above may vary depending upon your location and the speed of your internet.

In case, your ISP has banned thepiratebay then you can use these pirate bay proxy sites to get access to that content again, also you don’t have to compromise with the surfing and downloading speed.

How to Use These Pirate Bay Mirror Sites

the pirate bay proxy

Before we begin with the method to use these piratebay proxies, allow us to list down a few fastest pirate bay mirror sites to choose from:

  1. opentpb.com
  2. pirateproxy.cam
  3. uktpbmirror.pw
  4. thehiddenbay.info
  5. tpb.zone
  6. piratebayblocked.com
  7. uktpbproxy.info
  8. thepiratebay.rocks
  9. unblocktpb.pro
  10. tpbmirror.ga
  11. thepirateproxy.gq

It’s very simple to use the pirate bays proxy, all you have to do is:

  • Select the pirate bay proxy according to your requirements (all of the proxies we have mentioned work properly).
  • Select the URL of that pirate proxy and copy it.
  • Open a new tab and open the copied URL.

NOTE: For some reasons, we have not provided the hyperlink to these pirate bay proxy sites, therefore you have to copy the URL.

That’s how you use the pirate bay proxy and mirror websites.


To conclude, all the pirate bay mirror sites that we have listed are genuine and work perfectly. Just select any of these pirate proxy sites and begin your torrent search.